Aarus Technical
Name:  V. Kent Warren (General Manager/Owner)
Address:  180 Robison Dr
                Ammon, Idaho 83406
Telephone: 208-529-44661
EMAIL:  kent@aarus-tech2000.com
Vision Statement

Allow me to introduce AARUS TECHNICAL We are a contract employment and consulting firm specializing in Engineering, Design, Drafting, Technical Support and other technical disciplines. We maintain a resume database of qualified professionals and allow you to draw from this pool to meet your staffing needs. We also have an expert consulting team that can assist you in management, organizational, and operational decisions. As a company we are dedicated to seeing that you receive the best service and most knowledgeable staff available.

Goal and Objective

Our goal is to provide services to companies for Home Office Businesses, Engineering, Design, Drafting and other technical services. We review and screen Resumes and Employee capabilities based on the contract need. We search for the best personnel to assist in completing projects  on time and under budget. We provide "Quick Start" Engineers, Designers, and Drafters and search for qualified personnel to meet any project need.

Today's Situation

The workforce demographics has changed over the last decade. The change encourages outsourcing and home based businesses and high speed communication. The need to provide personnel on a temporary basis to large or small companies has increased the need for a quality contract employees company. Trimming the fat to increase profits and reduce overhead has produced greater workforce fluctuation. In order to stabilize large swings in staffing for your business is why Aarus Technical was created.

How Did We Get Here

After several career moves, the Owner and General Manager has seen a greater need for additional short term services projects in industries such as Nuclear, Aerospace, Automotive, Architectural and private business. The problem has been that the treatment of Employees by Employers and the dedication and efficiency of Employees to Employers left something to be desired. In an attempt to solidify the work force continuity and to maintain skilled employee in your engineering efforts is why we are in business. We have over 35 years of experience in engineering and Design Services. The need for change, drives a new concept for "Contract Employees". Long term employment and retirement benefit packages are more and more difficult to secure and are becoming a greater personal responsibility. We believe we have at least a partial solution.

Available Options

Employers can choose to hire direct or use our temporary services. After evaluating employees in your work place you can choose to offer direct employment or continue contract services. The advantages of this service is to give you, the employer, the opportunity to select additional personnel from a database using your criteria and hiring only those you need for a given project or time duration.


We recommend using contract personnel in your start-up and continuing project efforts. This approach to serving your needs gives the advantage of experienced personnel without the management requirements and permanent commitment in your staffing needs. We recommend that you use the very best Technical Service Company AARUS TECHNICAL.